The Islands of Guernsey are perfect for fishing enthusiasts and novices alike. Whether you're a keen angler or interested in trying your hand at a classic seaside activity for the first time, there are plenty of places to fish on Guernsey, Alderney, Herm and Sark. You'll find a huge variety of fish in our waters, and can be sure of a fun experience with established fishing spots and angling boat tours to help you get the most of your fishing trip to Guernsey.

  • Species of Fish

    From the common Bass or Bream to rarer Conger Eels and the famous Ormer, you'll find a large variety of fish in our waters. Each season brings with it different species of fish, so you’re never likely to have the same fishing trip twice. Just be careful to check the legislation first, as we do have some protected species in our waters that must be thrown back if caught.

    Fish species in our Islands
  • Where to Fish

    There are lots of options for where to fish on our Islands, each offering a unique experience. We have quieter harbours and rock pools for the newer angler; cliffs, beaches and sea walls for the more experienced; and plenty of boats for those wanting to get out to the deeper sea.

    Best Fishing Spots
  • Hiring Equipment

    You're welcome to bring your own supplies to our Islands, but if you'd prefer to hire fishing gear when you arrive, there are many stores that provide everything from fishing rods and hooks to boat supplies and commercial-grade gear, including: Mick's Fishing Supplies, Tackle Direct and Boatworks. 

  • Regulations

    Ormering season is 24 days in a year between January and April. There are strict guidelines for how big an Ormer has to be before it is taken from the sea, 80mm minimum. For Crabs, Lobsters and Crawfish, please note that one vessel can only catch up to 5 lobsters or crawfish per day and up to 25 crabs per day, caught by pots or nets, and any shellfish, excluding green crabs, taken as a bycatch can be kept up to a maximum limit of 10% by weight of the total catch.

    Fishing Regulations
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