Wild Swimming

The Islands of Guernsey are one of the best places to get involved in year round wild swimming. With stunning coves, secluded beaches and natural pools, all filled with crystal clear water, there is a lot to explore no matter where you choose to take a dip.

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  • Sea Swimming Year-Round in Guernsey

    Guernsey’s beaches range from pebbled coves to long sandy stretches. The West Coast beaches are easily accessible by public transport with kiosks nearby for a warm cup of tea and cake after a swim. For a day of adventure, you can explore the cliff paths before taking a dip at Fermain Bay or Moulin Huet to cool down.

    Wild Swimming in Guernsey
  • Natural Pools on Lihou and Sark

    On the islands of Lihou and Sark, you can find the Venus Pools. Both are natural, secluded pools that form at low tide, and provide a protected, often private, place to take a dip. Access to the pools is rocky and wild, but that’s all part of the adventure.

    Visit Lihou
  • The Bathing Pools at La Vallette

    Since 1865, La Vallette bathing pools in St Peter Port have offered a safe area for salt water swimming. The water comes directly from the sea at high tide and then the height of the pool walls allows a certain amount of water to remain as the tide lowers to create a salt water swimming pool.

    Visit the Bathing Pools

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Useful Information

  • Beach restrictions for dogs

    1st May – 30th September Closed to dog walkers

    From the 1st May to 30th September inclusive dogs are not allowed on seven Guernsey beaches; Fermain, Petit Bot, L’Erée, Vazon, Cobo, Port Soif, L’Ancresse/Pembroke. Herm’s Shell Beach, Belvoir Bay, Fisherman’s Beach, and the area of beach in front of the White House Hotel to the Herm Harbour Jetty are also out of bounds to dogs.

  • Guernsey Tides

    Guernsey's tidal range of 33 feet is one of the largest in the world, transforming the coastline every six hours or so. Stay safe by ensuring you are aware of the tides before heading into the water. Guernsey Tide Table.

  • Health & Safety

    Make sure you are warm before and after your swim - bringing lots of warm clothing and a hot drink with you. Go into the sea slowly and feet first to let your body adjust, taking care when you are entering the water to keep your breathing under control before you begin to swim. Dry off quickly and get into your layers to let yourself warm up slowly. Don’t stay in for too long!

  • Beach Safety

    There’s nothing better than hitting the beach on a sunny day. But don’t let your day be ruined by trouble in the water.  Find out more about staying safe at the beach in the RNLI guide for a safe and fun time at the seaside. RNLI Beach Saftey Advice

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Exclusive Offers

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