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Best Places to Fish on the Islands of Guernsey

Guernsey is an incredibly popular fishing destination. You'll find locals out at all times of the day, and visitors travelling over especially for a fishing trip. With several different Islands to explore, you can find fishing spots that cover a wide range of experience, styles of fishing and species to catch. 

If you're looking to discover the best fishing and angling spots in Guernsey, Alderney, Herm and Sark then look no further - we've compiled some recommendations from experts in this article. 



Beaches and Bays

Fishing on the beaches of Guernsey is not classic beach fishing as you’d imagine it. Due to the way our beaches are formed (due to our great tidal variation) they slope quite steeply at the top but flatten out towards the shoreline, so you can often wade for quite a distance before the sea becomes deep.

However, if you go fishing at high tide there are certain beaches where you can try your luck, particularly if you’re looking for bass. The best beaches for fishing in Guernsey are:

St Peter Port

The capital of Guernsey, St Peter Port, has a range of fishing spots for all anglers to enjoy. Whether you’ve been fishing for years or are just starting out, you’ll find a perfect spot.

St Peter Port Breakwater

This is probably the most popular venue for angling on our islands, out by the Castle Breakwater Lighthouse. The fish caught will depend on the tide and direction you are facing, but you can expect to see black bream, conger eels, dogfish, mackerel, pouting and red mullet, amongst others. Even though it can become busy, you’ll always find a great spot here.

Q.E II Marina and Signal Station

The species found here vary depending on where you are around the main marina of town. Mouth and float fishing can be found near the Signal Station, but further north the Marina Walk is home to larger fish.

Castle Cornet

From the shingle beach below the castle, you can access slipways, rocks and other areas for some peaceful fishing with a unique backdrop.

Havelet Slipway and Wall

This is the perfect spot for beginners to try their luck, or for a more relaxed day of fishing for experienced anglers. You'll also find an ice cream van nearby when you need a bit of refreshment.

La Vallette Bathing Pools

While not a typical place to fish, especially during the day when the pools are filled with swimmers, there have been fish caught in the pools or by standing at the edge and casting lines out to sea, including conger eels and grey mullet.

The Cow’s Horn

Found at the very end of the bathing pools around halfway up the steps you will find a long reef that produces varied and interesting fishing.

Yacht Club Slipway

This slipway, just next to the Guernsey Yacht Club, is popular with beginners.


Fort Doyle

With a rock custom-built for angling with a sliding float, the water is deep here at any tide.

The Lace - Pembroke

With a clean, sandy bottom, this is the perfect place for bream and plaice fishing.

The Battery - Pembroke

A small promontory with a hollowed-out centre surrounded by rocky walls creating a shelter.

The Moorings - Pembroke

A low flat rock good for fishing. Be warned that it gets covered about two hours before high tide, so keep an eye out.

The Slipper - Pembroke

A rock with a gentle slope that is surrounded a few hours each side of high tide, but is safe to remain on unless the weather is terrible.

Big Bill - Pembroke

One for the more adventurous angler, this rock is surrounded at half tide and has big swells that run through the gully in rough weather.


Bec Du Nez

Bec du Nez is a quaint fishing harbour nestled in the cliffs of St Martin. It has been used by fishermen for generations for catching crabs. Surrounded by wildflowers, it is a pretty place to spend some time fishing and enjoying the island views out to our neighbouring islands of Sark & Herm.

St Martin’s Point

Probably the best-known point for float fishing on the Island, you can pick your point on the cliff and fish with a view of the other Islands.

East Coast Cliffs

A multitude of quality rock marks along the cliffs. No two trips here will be the same, as the different tides and seasons bring with them a diverse range of fish.


Alderney boasts some of the best angling in Europe and has more British shore-caught records per mile of coastline than anywhere else.

Corblets Reservoir

Carp fishing can be enjoyed at this man-made lake in Alderney. Please note this is on a strict catch-and-release basis only. Unhooking mats and barbless hooks must be used to minimise the distress to the fish.

The Breakwater

2/3 of a mile-long pier that offers lots of fishing all year round.

Plate Saline

A steep gravel beach on the west of the island where you will commonly find bass, sole and trope.

The Lights

Found at Roselle Point, this is a deep water rock mark that will allow any method of fishing for a whole range of species.


Maseline Harbour

If you want to fish from the moment you step off the boat in Sark, there are many species to catch here with both bottom and float fishing possible. You could also spin or feather fish from the rocks underneath.

Creux Harbour

A very sheltered and comfortable place to fish from at the bottom of Harbour Hill.

The Tip

Between the two harbours, the Tip is well known as a place where large bass and mullet can be caught.

Banquette Landing

Best fished by float, this is an ideal angling platform. You'll find it at the north of the island. 


While it is a long walk from the village at the very north of Sark, there is deep water here at all tides and plenty of species of fish.

Harvre Gosselin

A small harbour landing at the most western point of the island that you can fish from, or you can head down the surrounding rocks or the sandy area below for some rockpooling and fishing.


Rosaire Steps

Easy access at all tides, there are boulders just below the steps where you can find wrasse and mullet or longer casting over the sandy ground can help you find black bream, plaice and sometimes bass. You'll find this spot by walking south from the main Herm harbour


A unique mark on the south east, you'll need to walk out to this rocky outcrop at low tide. At high tide the mark turns into an island that is safe to stay on. 

Selle Recque

Accessible at any tide, huge varieties of fish are caught at this mark on the south east including plaice, bream and red mullet.

Belvoir Bay

Although possibly the most difficult beach to access on Herm, there are multiple vantage points from which to fish, depending on the style of fishing you prefer and the kinds of fish you want to catch.

Shell Beach

There are places from which to fish here at all tides, plus a well-stocked kiosk providing everything you could need, meaning you can stay all day.

Find out more about fishing on our Islands here.

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