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Cool Dudes Walking Club Visits Guernsey

Recently, comedian, actor and walking vlogger Marek Larwood took it upon himself to walk the entire Guernsey Coastal Path and document his adventures on his Youtube channel and website, Cool Dudes Walking Club. You can follow his video diaries along the way below. 

If you wish to follow in Marek’s footsteps, we have pulled out some of the key routes and stops along the way to help you to plan. You can access the free booklet Marek used to plot his journey from the Tourist Information Centre, or from the Visit Guernsey App.

  • St Peter Port - Guernsey’s bustling harbourside town is the perfect place to start this walk around the Island.
  • Castle Cornet - one of Guernsey’s most historic buildings, over 800 years old, offering museums and tours around the Castle.
  • La Vallette Bathing Pools - a contained collection of pools for the whole family to enjoy sea swimming.
  • La Vallette Underground Military Museum - set in tunnels built by German forces as a fuel storage facility, this museum covers the Islands military history, from its own militia to both World Wars and the occupation of the Island by German forces from 1940-1945.
  • Clarence Battery - Constructed in 1780, Clarence Battery was built as one of the original outer defences of Fort George. As well as rich history, this stopping point offers spectacular views.
  • Fermain Bay - This pebble bay is hidden on the east coast of the Island, accessed along cliff paths in Fermain Valley.
  • St Martin's Point Lighthouse - a less accessible point on the route, but worth the effort to look at up close.
  • Moulin Huet Bay - located in St Martins, this bay is where renaissance painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir spent a lot of his time painting whilst on the Guernsey, creating 15 pieces of Moulin Huet.
  • Saints Bay and Saints Bay Kiosk - a beautiful beach sheltered by the surrounding cliffs. Refreshments and food are available from Saint Bay Kiosk, with Fisherman’s Landing and Saints Bay Hotel just a short walk away.
  • Petit Bot - a beautiful bay located in a valley, with delicious ice creams served in the tea rooms just off the beach.

  • Observation Tower- Pleinmont Observation Tower was built during the German occupation of Guernsey, and is one of six observation towers that were used by the Germans to spy on outside forces.
  • Les Hanois Lighthouse - built in response to an increasing number of shipwrecks on the treacherous rocks off the western coast of Guernsey, constructed between 1860 and 1862. It is sited on the rock known as Le Biseau, or Le Bisé, which is part of Les Hanois Reef.
  • The Fairy Ring (or Tables de Pions) - found at the South-Western point of the Island at Pleinmont Headland, local folklore tells tales of fairies gathering here, and if you walk around it three times and make a wish, it will come true.
  • Fort Pezeries - since at least 1680, there has been a fortification of some sort on this site, and now there are three 18 pounder cannons looking out over Rocquaine Bay.
  • Rocquaine Bay - one of Guernsey’s shingle beaches, next to the Cup and Saucer (Fort Grey), The Imperial Hotel, Guernsey Pearl and Portelet Kiosk.
  • Fort Grey - known as The Cup and Saucer, this Martello Tower, built in 1804, has been transformed into the Shipwreck Museum, telling the stories of shipwrecks around Guernsey, housing a variety of recovered artefacts.
  • L’Eree Bay - one of Guernsey’s popular west coast beaches.
  • Les Creux ès Faies (the fairy cave) - a Megalithic passage tomb dated between 3,000-3,500 BC. In Guernsey folklore, Fairies reside here.
  • Vazon Bay - an expanse of sandy beach where the sea is perfect for surfing. With Vistas and Guernsey Surf School located here, there is something for everyone to enjoy.
  • Richmond Beach Kiosk - a classic beach kiosk, locally run, overlooking the beautiful beach. 
  • Cobo Bay - one of Guernsey’s most popular beaches, with a number of restaurants, cafes and kiosks within walking distance. 
  • Grandes Rocques Bay and Grandes Rocques Kiosk- Grandes Rocques Bay, or Saline Bay, is just north of Cobo. Grandes Rocques Kiosk is another classic beach Kiosk with an assortment of refreshments and homemade food and cakes.
  • Port Soif Bay - Another stunning West Coast beach, with a kiosk and headlands and paths to walk along.

  • Le Grand Havre Bay - where the Vale Parish was once separated from the rest of Guernsey.
  • Ladies Bay - located on the north-east side of the Island, with a play area just above the beach suitable for children of all ages.
  • Chouet Bay - adjoined to Ladies Bay, Chouet is another beautiful Guernsey beach.
  • L’Ancresse Beach Kiosk and The Beach House at Pembroke - situated above L’Ancresse and Pembroke adjoining bays, the kiosk offers ice creams and a quick bite to each to take down onto the beach whilst The Beach House at Pembroke offers inside dining, and a variety of hot meals and homemade cakes. L'Ancresse Common provides the perfect open space for a walk.
  • Le Dehus Burial Chamber - Dehus Dolmen is a prehistoric passage grave approximately 10 metres in length, with a series of symbolic designs on the capstones.
  • Bordeaux Harbour - a small harbour previously used for ships loading stone from the nearby Bordeaux Quarry, now used as a beach perfect for snorkelling with a Woodies kiosk just off the main beach.
  • The Bridge - Saint Sampson’s, or The Bridge as it is known, is a town, smaller than Saint Peter Port, on the Island hosting a variety of restaurants, cafes and independent shops.
  • Saint Sampson’s Parish Church - This small, pretty church is located in a lane just off The Bridge and is easily accessible to all.
  • Saint Peter Port - The Walk takes you back to where you began in Guernsey's main town, perfect to stop and rest at one of the many cafes and restaurants or slowly walk around the shops.

About Cool Dudes Walking:

Marek Larwood's content is for Cool Dudes who like walking and focuses primarily on walks, gear reviews and walking related content. You can find out more at cooldudeswalkingclub.com.

If this walk interests you, but you don’t fancy guiding yourself, the annual Autumn Walking Festival, from Saturday 17th September to Sunday 2nd October, has a wide array of guided walks suitable for all ages and levels of ability, many of which feature some of the sights mentioned by Merek.

Disclaimer: Please note that this is not sponsored content. Marek undertook the adventure himself and VisitGuernsey simply chose to share the content created. 


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