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From 1st December, all travellers from the Common Travel Area (the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Jersey and the Isle of Man) regardless of vaccination status will need to purchase and complete a course of lateral flow tests.  There are no other restrictions for these travellers.

The Guernsey Contingencies Authority has confirmed that it will introduce lateral flow tests on arrival for those travelling from within the Common Travel Area who are vaccinated or unvaccinated with a travel history of only the Common Travel Area in the last 10 days.

All travellers will have to pay £25 per travelling adult for a pack of five lateral flow tests that they will receive on arrival. This charge will be collected at the point of the traveller completing the Travel Tracker. Travellers are asked to take the lateral flow test every other day, to help protect themselves and the wider community.

For all other countries, travel requirements will depend on whether or not the traveller is fully vaccinated.  Fully vaccinated non-CTA arrivals will be required to take a self-swab PCR test on arrival at the port and self-isolate until negative.  Unvaccinated non-CTA arrivals will need to take a self-swab PCR test on arrival at the port, and self-isolate until they take a second PCR test on Day 8 and receive a negative result.

It is also strongly recommended that those who are not local residents arrange to take a pre-travel test (either PCR or lateral flow). Visitors who arrange to be tested pre-travel will protect themselves and their families from the costs and difficulties they will experience if they subsequently test positive after arriving in the Bailiwick.  In addition, this will afford additional protection to those who travel with them on the same flight or ferry and to others within our Islands.

This will be kept under regular review.

Red List Countries

As a reminder any countries placed on the UK’s red list will also be treated as red list countries for the purpose of travel to the Bailiwick. This action is being taken as a precautionary response to the new COVID-19 variant B.1.1.529 which is currently considered a Variant Under Investigation by the UK Health Security Agency.

We have produced a handy chart below to help you navigate through our  travel changes, so please take a look before booking. 

Current Travel Requirements

View a PDF copy of the infographic here.

Once you are all ready to start your holiday and you’ve packed your ID, your booking confirmations and all of the travel essentials, you will need to remember the below.

There are two very important things that we’re asking you to do so that you can get that long-awaited holiday to the Islands of Guernsey started in the smoothest way possible. 

  1. Create a Travel Tracker account, up to 5 days before departure. A step by step guide is available here. 
  2. Bring a hard copy version of your proof of vaccination status, or ensure that you have an approved digital form with you. 

If you know of a loved one who needs a helping hand, please do offer them assistance in advance of their journey by helping them to create an email account so they can go on to register on Travel Tracker (which they may need your help with).  Do remind them to bring their proof of vaccination status with them too. We’ll help them when they arrive, but it’s essential that they bring proof of vaccination status with them, and we'll need an email address for them too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still need a hard copy of my proof of vaccination status if I have already uploaded it to my Travel Tracker account?

We would strongly recommend this, just in case. It’s always good to be prepared. If you’ve got a digital version of your proof of vaccination status, then do keep this handy on a mobile device if needed. 

What are the accepted forms of proof of vaccination status?

You can find a current list here. This list also includes information on how to obtain the required documentation. Vaccinations need to have been issued in the Common Travel Area. 

What is the Common Travel Area?

The Common Travel Area includes the United Kingdom, the Bailiwick of Guernsey, the Bailiwick of Jersey, the Isle of Man and the Republic of Ireland. 

What does the ‘blue channel’ mean?

You may notice us referring to a ‘blue channel’ category or traveller. This refers to a traveller who can arrive in Guernsey without self-isolation and testing because they meet the following criteria: 

Further information in relation to COVID-19 and travelling to the Islands of Guernsey can be found here:


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