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Wild Swimming in The Islands of Guernsey

Sea swimming - it's time to dive in!

As an Island community we have long championed the benefits of sea swimming.  It's what we do but, until recently, there were only a hardy few who took to our waters all year round.  

In a year when our mental health has never been more important, more of us began taking the plunge 12 months a year. 

There is a growing weight of evidence to suggest that cold water swimming can help not only our physical health but also improve our mental wellbeing.  Immersing yourself in cold water boosts dopamine levels and increases the release of endorphines.  It gives you the feel-good factor.  And there's no better place to give it a go then the clear waters of the Islands of Guernsey.

While many of us chose to swim alone, groups of all-weather swimming, of all shapes and sizes, ages and abilities, have been gaining momentum.  When you combine that sense of camaraderie, together with the exercise and the views, it's easy to see why swimming outdoors has such a profound effect on our sense of wellbeing. 

Some swimmers like a real challenge, which our bays and saltwater pools at La Vallette are ideal for, but most like a dip, then a cuppa from their Thermos and a chinwag, or a Sunday roast at a cosy seafront restaurants

Local sea conditions map

Stay up to date with tidal and wind conditions before jumping in!

Places to swim

We are very fortunate to have a variety of outdoor swimming options across The Islands of Guernsey. There are many pretty little coves, ideal for a touch of wild swimming in fresh clean water.

Beach Kiosks

Fany a bite to eat or a warming cup of tea after a swim? Head to one of the many beach kiosks around our coastline.

Island Hopping

From Belvoir Bay in Herm to Venus Pool on Sark, our smaller islands also offer a variety of unique spots to take a dip in. Saye and Corblets with their crystal clear blue waters and shallow rock pools are ideal places for outdoor swimming on Alderney.

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