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The smallest of our Islands, Lihou takes you on an adventure across a cobbled causeway to discover ruins, tidal pools and nature reserves. With RAMSAR wetlands and marine conservation, Lihou is a wildlife sanctuary ideal for birdwatching and rockpooling. Pack a picnic for your very own Famous Five trip and keep an eye on the tides as Lihou can only be accessed at certain times of the day from the south-west coast of Guernsey.

  • Wild Swimming in the Venus Pool

    Naturally filled at high tide by the sea, Lihou’s Venus pool is a secluded spot to enjoy wild swimming. Deep enough to jump in - and cool enough to notice, the pool is not for the faint of heart, but is the perfect refreshment on a warm summer’s day.

  • A Bird’s Paradise

    Home to over 150 species of bird, Lihou is perfect for a day of birdwatching, with some parts of the island protected during June and July for nesting season. The island’s rocky shoreline is also ideal for rockpooling, so bring your net, binoculars and a picnic for a peaceful day of exploring.

  • History / Ruins

    Walk back in time through the ruins of Lihou Priory. Thought to be built in 1114 by Benedictine monks, you can wander the site and learn about the Island’s control by Mont Saint Michel until the fifteenth century.

  • Stay Overnight on Lihou

    Fancy staying on your very own private island? There is only one place to stay overnight on the island. Lihou House has 9 bedrooms and can be hired out exclusively for a group trip. It is often used for educational stays and research trips.

    Lihou House

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