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Exploring The Islands of Guernsey by Bike

The Islands of Guernsey are a wonderful place to cycle. Hire a bike or e-bike or bring your own. From the coastal roads to the quiet country lanes, there is much to see on two wheels. Enjoy an adventure with stunning views at every turn.

Cycling is one of the most popular ways for Islanders to get around, with traffic speed restricted to 35mph, and amenities all within relatively close distance. For visitors, the Islands of Guernsey are ideally set up for exploring by bicycle. From peaceful country lanes to coastal paths with views out to sea, you will never be short of a beautiful place to pedal around.

Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or simply enjoy getting out and about on two wheels with the family when in a new place, the Islands offer an amazing landscape for cycling.

Cycling in Sark

Sark is an island made for cyclists. With no cars at all, transport comes in the form of a horse and carriage, a tractor or a bicycle. It is a gem of an island, well worth exploring on a bike. Hire a bicycle from one of the hire shops upon arrival on the Island and then set off on an adventure. There are a variety of routes to explore on Sark.

The wide roads are the same for all forms of transport so do not hesitate to wave hello to a local on a bike on their way to the food store or a tractor going about their day. They’ll always be sure to smile and wave at you! You can cycle to most areas of the Island and then hop off to explore the coves and cliff paths.

Keep a map with you and make sure you tick off the best spots: La Coupee, Sark Henge and the Buddhist Carving.

Each and every viewpoint boasts a wonderful view out to sea and the other Islands, so whichever way you go, it will not disappoint!

Cycle Hire Options in Sark:

A to B Cycle hire

Avenue Cycle Hire

Sark Carriage & Cycle Hire

Cycling in Alderney

Alderney is a cyclist's paradise with its quiet roads and long, scenic routes ready for you to get out and explore. The Island boasts 50 miles of tracks and 10 miles of paved roads.

Measuring 3.5 by 1.5 miles in size, you are never too far away from the action where you can take a pause for some refreshment, a quick dip or to go rock pooling.

You may see both seals and dolphins offshore in the distance and keep an eye out for the native blonde hedgehogs and black rabbits that inhabit the Island.

Visit Alderney's Cycle Route Map

Cycle Hire options in Alderney - Cycle and Surf


Cycling in Guernsey

Guernsey is a wonderful place to cycle. Hire a bike or bring your own. From the coastal roads to the quiet 'Ruettes Tranquilles' country lanes, where pedestrians are given priority, there is much to see on two wheels. There are 11 official cycle routes in Guernsey designed for a variety of abilities and levels.

We have detailed each one below:

Top of the Island - This is a short, easy ride that would be suitable for a summer evening. It is a flat terrain, coastal and inland route with some main road.

Coast & Country - This route over even terrain with a mix of quiet country lanes and the busier coastal thoroughfare is an ideal short ride for the novice, and suitable for a summer evening. It is flat apart for a half-mile climb to get inland from Cobo Bay.

Talbot Valley Circular - This route forms a loop around the beautiful Talbot Valley and Fauxquets Valley, taking the rider up on to the hills surrounding these valleys and also passing through them. It has rolling terrain with occasional steep hills.

Reservoir Roundabout - Climbing away steeply from Vazon Bay, the route quickly reveals contrasting views – the panoramic vista of the west coast beaches giving way suddenly to open fields and a sighting of the tree-lined St Saviour’s reservoir. Despite the very hilly start, the route is mainly undulating and mainly on quiet lanes.

Country Lanes and Cliffs - This is a route that offers pretty easy riding after a steep climb to gain the summit of the island and then explores the small country lanes with stunning views for all.

Central Circular Cycling Route - Experience Guernsey in all its rural beauty on a route that keeps the rider hidden in country lanes flanked by hedges, fields, wild flowers and trees with never more than a hint of distant sea views. This route is very hilly, but it is mostly country lanes that will involve a mixture of riding and walking.

Peninsular & Pasture - On a clear day the starting point of this route at the tip of Jerbourg Peninsula has the most spectacular sea views with all the Channel Islands and France on display. It does offer rolling terrain with several demanding climb.

Hill & Valley Trek Cycling Tour - Starting on the flat west coast, this demanding yet picturesque route soon climbs steeply, making its way between the farms and fields, which characterise this part of Guernsey. The route offers long challenging climbs alternating with easier gradients and valley descents.

Three Churches - This route is very hilly on the outward leg, flatter return with a sting in the tail at Le Mont Saint. Cliffs and Country Lanes - This ride is short enough to be completed on a fine summer’s evening when any traffic on the main roads will be at a minimum and most of the beachgoers will have returned home.

Five Parishes - This is an ideal route for riders wishing to progress across the Island from north to south without using too many of the main roads. It is varied riding with flat sections, gentle gradients and stiff climbs.

Cycle Hire options in Guernsey:

Cycle Hire with Go Guernsey Land and Sea - Hire a bike and explore at your own pace.

For those who prefer to go with a local guide, Outdoor Guernsey has a variety of cycle tours for you to enjoy, without the fear of getting lost!

Getting around the Islands of Guernsey on a bike is a memorable experience, whether you prefer training on a road bike or are looking for a gentle cycle around quiet lanes.

You can enjoy the scenery at your own pace, whatever that may be, without the need for a car, taking in more of the Islands in a sustainable way, while getting a little exercise at the same time!

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