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Welcome to the Islands of Guernsey.

We know many of you love our Islands and have been looking forward to returning. We have been looking forward to seeing you!

From 1st July, we are excited to welcome back some visitors back with no restrictions. Currently, if you are travelling from the Common Travel Area (UK, the Isle of Man and the Republic of Ireland) and have had both doses of your vaccine, with the second dose being at least 14 days prior to arriving,  you will be able to arrive with no testing or self-isolation requirements on arrival.

Travel update 27 July 2021

Fully vaccinated travellers into the Islands of Guernsey will be provided with lateral flow tests on arrival from Tuesday 3rd August 2021, provided the necessary testing packs arrive in the anticipated timeframe.

The Authority is also strongly recommending that those who are not local residents arrange to take a pre-travel test (either PCR or lateral flow). Read more here. 

There are currently different regulations for travellers from Jersey - read more

Before you travel please fill out your Travel Tracker. This can be completed from 48 hours prior to travel. You must also have proof of vaccination. We would recommend downloading the NHS app prior to arriving and also strongly advise people bring the hard copy of their vaccination certificate as well. 

We have produced a handy guide to help you navigate through our most recent travel changes, so please take a look before booking.

If you have not had both your vaccines, or you are travelling via the UK to Guernsey from other destinations around the world, you will have to continue to follow the Categories system we have in place. See which category you are under here.

In under an hour you could feel free in the Islands of Guernsey.

It’s time to unpause your life!

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