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Potato Peel Pie Occupation Walk in St Peter Port

Walk 19

1 Hour
64 m
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1) Liberation Monument

The Liberation Monument was erected in 1995 to mark the 50th Anniversary of Guernsey's Liberation

2) Guernsey Harbour

Eben describes to Juliet the difficult decision many islanders had to make in whether to evacuate their children to England from St Peter Port Harbour.

3) Crown Hotel (now The Ship & Crown)

Whilst communicating with Juliet by letter, Dawsey was heaving slates for the Crown Hotel's new roof

4) Town Church

A church was first recorded on this site in 1048. It is recognised by The Guinness Book of Records as the tavern closest to a church in the British Isles' due to its close proximity to the Albion House Tavern.

5) Fountain Street

Isola comments in her letter to Juliet about the hundreds of German soliders shopping arm in arm along Fountain Street

6) Guernsey Markets

Victor Hugo enjoyed visiting the market buildings and was impressed

7) High Street

During the war, food was subjected to strict rationing and clothes and fuel were in short supply

8) Le Pollet

Juliet comments that the shop windows in Le Pollet were sparkling clear and beginning to fill up with new goods

9) War Memorial

The War Memorial was unveiled in 1926 as a tribute to Islanders who lost their lives fighting in the First World War

10) The Old Government House Hotel & Spa

11) The Greffe & The Prison

The Greffe houses Guernsey's registry office, courts and is the heart of the islands legal system. Guernsey's old prison, but in 1811, was also in this area.

12) Saumarez Street

Several terraced houses along this residential street were turned into a brothel by German soldiers during the Occupation

13) Candie Gardens

Restored Victorian Candie Gardens offer the best view across St Peter Port harbour, and statues of Victor Hugo and Queen Victoria.

14) Town Hospital (Now the Police Station)

Now the Island's police headquarters, this used to be the site of the Town Hospital, built in 1742

15) Best Western Moores Central Hotel

Walk in Juliet’s footsteps and explore the locations mentioned in the bestselling book “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” whilst learning about the Island’s occupation during the Second World War.

Download the audio description with Island FM's Andrew Senneck providing the voice over.  The audio offers insightful information to make the walk even more enjoyable.  Alternatively, you can download the walk map.

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