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la Varde Passage Grave

La Varde is the largest and perhaps the most impressive megalithic structure surviving on Guernsey, dating back between 4000 to 2500 BC. 18 meters in diameter and the with largest capstone weighing over ten tons, this intriguing piece of pre-history is not to be missed!

Located on L’Ancresse Common, La Varde was discovered in 1811 and archaeological examinations of the site have revealed burnt and unburnt human bones, indicating burials and cremations were held in the chambers. Flints, stone tools, pottery and complete pots were also found.

Nearby you will find the Millennium Stone, which was erected in 1999. You will also find World War Two fortifications dotted around the common for you to discover.

Perry's guide reference: Page 6, B2/C2

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