The WWII German Occupation of Sark

This walk takes in many interesting sites and fortifications on the beautiful island of Sark that was occupied by the Germans from 1940 until 1945. We will walk the route of Operation Hardtack 7 and Operation Basalt, the infamous Commando raid that gave rise to Hitler’s infamous Commando Order of 1942. We will also look around the area where the German Headquarters were situated, the field where an RAF Lancaster crash-landed after mistaking Sark for the Isle of Wight and other places connected with the Occupation, including two tunnels.

 Photos taken at the time will help bring the walk to life.

 Why not spend the weekend in Sark and also join the Sark On The Wild Side walk on Sunday 26th May? Both walks for a reduced price of £19!

Meet at 7.30am outside the Sark Shipping Ticket Office on the White Rock.

8.00am depart Guernsey (meet at 7.30am) / 8.45am Sark - Maseline Harbour
6.00pm return from Sark Harbour 

Length of walk: 6 miles (Stop for lunch and refreshment breaks)

£15 (excludes ferry, lunch and refreshments)

Ability: Ramble

Silver Accredited Guide Tim Osborne