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reservoir roundabout

Cycle Tour 4

7.3 miles
149 m
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1) Richmond Beach Kiosk

2) Vazon Bay

Whether you’re a surfer, kite flyer or bodyboarder, Vazon is the perfect beach for you.

3) St Saviours Reservoir

The reservoir is situated in the rural interior of Guernsey, making it a great place to get away from the stress of everyday life. Well worth a deviation for a pleasant walk.

4) L'Eree Bay Hotel

5) Taste of India (L'Eree)

6) Colin Best Nature Reserve

Colin Best Nature Reserve is known locally as the 'aerodrome', as it was Guernsey's first airfield

7) Le Creux ès Faies Passage Tomb

Le Creux ès Faies is a well preserved Megalithic passage tomb dated between 3,000 to 2,500 BC.

8) L'Eree Headland

Part of designated Ramsar site with many wild flowers, as well as Le Creux ès Faies Passage Tomb

9) L'Eree Shingle Bank

The L'Eree Single Bank and La Claire Mare (opposite) are home to breeding sea birds

10) La Claire Mare

A beautiful natural area of Guernsey's west coast.

11) Le Trepied Dolmen

Le Trepied Dolmen dates to around 1800 BC and was excavated in 1840

12) The Driftwood Inn

13) Fort Richmond

Fort Richmond overlooks Perelle Bay

Very hilly start then undulating, mainly quiet lanes

Climbing away steeply from Vazon Bay, the route quickly reveals contrasting views – the panoramic vista of the west coast beaches giving way suddenly to open fields and a sighting of the tree-lined St Saviour’s reservoir. Construction on the reservoir was started in 1939 and completed in 1947 after delays caused by the War. In 2001 the Millennium walk was opened which takes walkers around the edge of the dam.

St Saviour’s Church, occupying a commanding site overlooking the deep valley, which houses the reservoir, is the largest of Guernsey’s country churches. Parts of the south wall of the nave and chancel date from the 12th century but most of the present building dates from the 14th and 15th centuries. Evidence of much earlier worship can be found in the several megalithic stones in the area.

Running downhill from the church, the route twists and turns through charming narrow country lanes that soon lead to the western shores of the reservoir and access to the dam wall. Every turn seems to take the rider through new gems of inland scenic beauty before the west coast is regained at L’Eree. The Fort Saumarez headland features a second of the island’s true Martello Towers, which has a concrete German coastal artillery direction‑finding, tower for a crown, making it a very distinct landmark (this is on private property and cannot be visited).

Nearby Lihou Island nestles below in all its charm and mystery. The island can be visited but great care in checking the tide times is essential. Nearby is the passage grave known as Le Creux es Faies, through which local folklore has it that fairyland can be reached – possibly put about by soldiers who slept off the effects of ale before returning to the nearby fort. Le Trepied Passage Grave, can also be visited on the return leg of the route, this one being the legendary meeting place of witches.

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