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Peninsula & Pasture

Cycle tour 7

12.3 miles
336 m
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1) Jerbourg Kiosk

2) Jerbourg

Stunning views over the other islands and the French coast from Guernsey's south east tip.

3) Hotel Jerbourg

4) The Auberge

5) Blue Horizon Hotel

6) Moulin Huet Bay

Moulin Huet Bay is located in the depths of St. Martins, with shallow waters as turquoise as the Caribbean and breathtaking views of the cliffs.

7) Bella Luce Hotel

8) Les Douvres Hotel

9) Saints Bay Kiosk

10) Saints Bay

Saints Bay is a beautiful sandy cove with a pebble bank at the top of the beach, surrounded by sheltering cliffs.

11) Saints Bay Hotel

12) Icart Point

The views from Icart Point are spectacular, with a panoramic outlook across Moulin Huet, Jerbourg and even France on a clear day.

13) Catherine Best Studio

Renowned worldwide for her award-winning jewellery, Catherine Best's collection of stunning work is housed in her studio at The Mill

14) St Martin's Church

At the entrance is 'La Gran'mere du Chimquiere' - the oldest woman in Guernsey

15) Doyle Column

Originally built in 1820 to honour General Sir John Doyle, Lieutenant Governor from 1803 to 1815

Rolling terrain with several demanding climbs

On a clear day the starting point of this route at the tip of Jerbourg Peninsula has the most spectacular sea views with all the Channel Islands and France on display.

Almost immediately the ride passes Doyle Column. Originally erected in 1825 to commemorate Sir John Doyle, Governor of Guernsey 1803-1816, it was destroyed by occupying German forces in 1944 and re-erected in its present form in 1953. The ride soon dives left into the country lanes of St Martin’s where nestled amongst old cottages and modern dwellings are the ruins of Sausmarez Mill. Entering the Moulin Huet valley the beauty of the woods and the murmur of the nearby streams can be enjoyed. A water mill (moulin) was once here giving the valley its name.

Care is needed on the run down to Saints Harbour where small boats are moored in this sheltered spot near a quay that was built in 1906. The route progresses along the Icart Peninsula towards the point, which provides the ideal platform from which to view the jagged beauty of the south coast cliffs. The road down the eastern edge of Petit Bôt Valley is steep and requires a gentle pace. A stop is essential to fully appreciate the beauty of the cliffside woods and to sense the peaceful mood of the valley.

Passing through pasture-lands on the elevated part of the island the route eventually enters the twisting Steam Mill Lanes where there once was a plant for extracting iodine from seaweed. Further narrow leafy lanes lead to the parish church of St Martin’s standing on an ancient holy site. At the entrance to the churchyard stands La Gran’mere du Chimquiere, a neolithic Statue-menhir, which even today commands considerable superstitious respect. She may often be decorated with flowers following a wedding and is often touched for good luck.

The boundary between St Peter Port and St Martin is marked by one of the Island’s grandest abreuvoirs (cattle and horse drinking places) and nearby is Sausmarez Manor, built in 1714 at the bequest of the 1st Governor of New York, which is well worth a visit.

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