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Five Parishes

Cycle Tour 11

8.9 miles
202 m
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1) L'Ancresse Beach Kiosk

2) L'Ancresse Common

L'Ancresse Common is a large public grassy common surrounded by multiple beaches, the most notable of which are L'Ancrese and Pembroke.

3) L'Ancresse/Pembroke Bays

Pembroke and L’Ancresse bay, situated at the most northern part of the island, accommodates sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters.

4) Delancey Park

Delancey Park is in the north of the island with wonderful views to the east taking in the islands of Sark and Herm.

5) Pirate Bay Adventure Golf

Tackle our challenging course and find the treasure… be careful not to walk the plank though!!

6) La Villette Hotel

7) Sunnydene Country Hotel

8) Saints Bay Hotel

9) Icart Point

The views from Icart Point are spectacular, with a panoramic outlook across Moulin Huet, Jerbourg and even France on a clear day.

Varied riding with flat sections, gentle gradients and stiff climbs

This is an ideal route for riders wishing to progress across the Island from north to south without using too many of the main roads.

Scenic contrasts abound along this route starting with views across L’Ancresse and Pembroke Bays. Winding through the lanes of the Vale Parish the way soon progresses into the parish of St Sampson’s where crossing Saltpans Road reminds of a time when the Braye du Valle water channel ran through here and the Saltpans were used for collecting salt from the sea. A detour to “The Bridge” shopping centre can be made here.

An interesting road name is Round Chimney, derived from the nearby farmhouse, which has a round chimney. This leads to the first climb of the route, and to a flat area which provides excellent views to the harbour of St Peter Port and the neighbouring
islands of Herm, Jethou and Sark. A brief visit is made into the parish of St Peter Port along La Rue de Pont Vaillant before reaching the large expanse of sporting facilities in Footes Lane where the Parish becomes St Andrew’s.

Next is a stiff hill climb along the Castel/St Andrew’s Parish boundary after, which is a dip into tree-lined lanes before climbing again to the Bailiff ’s Cross Road. The end of the next lane drops suddenly and steeply to a main road and great care is needed.

Leafy undulating lanes lead past old farmhouses to a crossing at the eastern end of the Forest Road, which is in St Martin’s Parish and a final run towards the coast at Icart Point ends this route.

The return leg can be of the rider’s choice, although a suggested easy way back is to follow the main Forest Road through St Peter’s to L’Eree, and then follow the coast north.

This is approximately 14 miles. There are ample refreshment stops along the way.

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