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Cliffs and Country lanes

Cycle Tour 10

6.8 miles
172 m
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1) The Farmhouse Hotel

2) Bruce Russell & Son Gold, Silversmith & Jewellery

Workshop and showroom where traditional silverware, gold, and platinum jewellery is crafted, includes lovely gardens with water features

3) Le Gouffre

Le Gouffre is an area of outstanding natural beauty located on the southern coast of Guernsey.

4) Le Gouffre Café

5) Petit Bot Bay

Petit Bot is a very popular location with visitors and local people as it offers a lovely sandy breach when the tide is out.

6) Petit Bot Kiosk

7) German Occupation Museum

The German Occupation Museum provides a unique insight into life in Guernsey during the occupation from 1940 to 1945.

8) Le Chene Hotel

Running through the flat open landscape of the high part of the island, the first mile and a half follows route number six the “Central Circular” in reverse, skirting the edge of the airport. Then, by way of pretty country lanes, it heads for the south coast cliffs. The area known as Le Bigard is characterised by some quaint old cottages and high hedgerows, which are a mass of wild flowers through the spring and early summer.

The narrow lanes lead on to Le Gouffre, another of the island’s favourite beauty spots, where parking the bike and walking around the headland to the left gains a splendid view of the cliffs. Further twisty lanes lead to the charming village of Le Variouf, where great care is needed on the steep descent and hairpin bends, and then into the western Petit Bôt Valley with another steep descent to the bay. This delightful sandy beach nestles between the towering cliffs and was once protected by coastal defence tower No 13, as this seemed to be an ideal spot in Napoleonic times for the French to slip ashore, as no doubt the smuggler did in earlier times.

The way back to the top is very demanding and probably best walked. This way the true grandeur of the cliffs and wild beauty of the woods and valley can be imprinted upon the memory.

This ride is short enough to be completed on a fine summer’s evening when any traffic on the main roads will be at a minimum and most of the beachgoers will have returned home.

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