Guernsey Experience Accrediation

Guernsey Experience Accrediation

Who Can Take Part?

To be eligible, Experiences must be open to the public, with or without admission charges, for published periods of the year, and should be capable of attracting day visitors or tourists, as well as local residents.

They will include:

  • Permanently established excursion destinations, a primary purpose of which is to allow public access for entertainment, interest or education:
  • Sites - the primary purpose of which is to allow public access for one or more of the following activities/areas of interest: Education, Heritage & Culture, Environmental Interest, special Interests, Craft, Specialised Activities and Entertainment.
  • A guided tour of a site or sites following a published itinerary
  • Premises - the primary purpose of which is to provide refreshments freshly prepared and/or cooked for consumption on the premises.

The scheme specifically excludes sites where the sole or primary function is as a venue for; sporting events; musical, theatrical or film performances; or retail activities.

The scheme also extends to:-

  • Formal or themed gardens, or other environmental spaces.
  • Sites of special scientific or other interest,
  • Permanently established sites providing specialised equipment, staff, and specialist facilities or buildings for specific activities or interactive entertainment purposes (e.g. ten pin bowling, karting, aerial walkways, living history participation etc).
  • Guided tours of, all or parts of, otherwise excluded sites – e.g. a guided tour of a working farm, brewery or distillery, or other production facility. Temporarily established sites may also be eligible. Please contact us to discuss your specific idea/offer.

In all cases it is accepted that there may be a strong retail element that is primarily related to the main themes of the experience, but there must be at least one other significant reason besides retail for the site to attract visitors, and that must be clearly related to the areas set out above.

Experiences accepted for accreditation will generally be assessed against the criteria of the Guernsey Visitor Experiences Accreditation Standard. However premises seeking accreditation primarily as places of refreshment will be assessed against the Guernsey Taste Accreditation Standard, which will be provided separately on request.


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