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Guernsey Film Fest

Join us for FREE on October 1 & 2, 2022 at the Guernsey Film Fest. An event for the entire community. In collaboration with The Mallard Cinema we will be presenting local and international films.

Guernsey Film Fest is the islands first ever edition of the festival. Guernsey will play host to a myriad of films, from shorts to features of all genres. Guernsey, a small island nestled in the English Channel has incredibly rich history, folklore and breathtaking landscapes that have inspired artists such as Renoir and Victor Hugo. This festival has been designed inspire and empower of the filmmaker through various events, awards, community, and more.

The Juries will award our filmmakers in over individual categories. Our selection
committee is also made up of a group of industry professionals from various fields,
such as directors, actors, producers, writers, animators and more.

The Guernsey Film Fest is organised by filmmakers Lars Janssen & Charlotte Dawn Potter of Guernsey Filmworks, a local film production division of RĂªvasser Films.

We look forward to seeing your submissions!

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