Sark Carriage Tours

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Enjoy a leisurely carriage ride on Sark. An enchanting way to explore Sark is by horse-drawn carriage. Various tours are available that will take you through the quaint narrow lanes of Sark to places of outstanding natural beauty.

All the carriage drivers have to take a test to obtain their Carriage Driver's Licence.  This involves driving skills and horsemanship, and a knowledge of the history of Sark - they not only drive you around but also act as a guide. 

There are two sight-seeing tours; a one hour tour, taking in the north of Sark, or a two hour tour which covers the north of the island and then goes to La Coupee in the south.  All tours start and finish from La Collinette (the crossroads at the top of Harbour Hill.)  Some carriages will be pre-booked for tour operators, but there will also be carriages which are freelance and can be hired on required.  There is no taxi rank order - just go up to any driver and they will tell you if they are available.  

Price can vary depending on length of tour so ask the driver.  If you wish to pre-book a carraige tour, contact one of the carriage operators below:  

Michelle Perree
01481 832027 / 07781 400447

Philip Perree
07781 106058

Stocks Hotel
01481 832001

Danny Wakley
07781 113386

Kevin McMullen
07781 104840

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