Occupation Explorer Tour

Join us for this unique 4-hour tour of discovery, where each site unveils a chapter of Guernsey’s wartime legacy, expertly led by our knowledgeable, local-born Accredited Tour Guide who specialises in WWII tours. 

Delve into the depths of the past as you visit the intriguing German Underground Hospital, immerse yourself in the stories of Guernsey’s Occupation and hear about the unique role that some of the guide’s own family played, whilst visiting the privately-owned German Occupation Museum.

The adventure continues with a visit to Pleinmont Gun Batterie, where the echoes of history resonate through the remnants of coastal defences.

Dates and times

10am-2pm on:

  • Tuesday 7th May
  • Tuesday 11th June
  • Tuesday 2nd July
  • Tuesday 6th August
  • Tuesday 3rd September
  • Tuesday 1st October

Meeting point

Liberation Monument - ///reviews.persuade.evidently


£75pp includes all entrance fees (value £13pp)

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