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La Claire Mare is a low-lying, brackish wetland on the west coast of Guernsey. It is one of the island’s premier reserves for birds and is comprised of wet grassland, reedbeds & open water.

In winter it regularly supports wildfowl such as Teal, Wigeon & Shoveler and a roost of up to 50 Little Egrets at high tide. During migration periods a great variety of species have been recorded. Located next to the shingle bank at L’Eree, salt water is forced into the pond on spring high tides, leading to a brackish environment.

To the south-east, viewed from Rue des Mares, is a large area of wet meadows. This has many species of orchid and other wetland plants in May and June and are extremely rich in insects.

Part of designated Ramsar site also taking in Lihou Island.


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