Korinne Le Page - Gold Accredited Guernsey Tour Guide

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Affinity Tours - Korinne Le Page, Gold Accredited Guernsey Tour Guide offers a variety of guided walks throughout the Bailiwick of Guernsey. 

Short Tours 1 1/2 - 2 Hours

Medieval St Peter Port 

A guided tour around St Peter Port, showing you fascinating things that even some locals don't know!  I will incorporate what you most want to see in a tour. This can include:

  • St Peter Port
  • Castle Cornet
  • Victor Hugo House (you will need to book separately to view inside. We can plan your tour around this)
  • Candie Gardens
  • The Guernsey Tapestry
  • La Valette Museum
  • La Valette Bathing Pools (sea water)
  • Direct you to the right bus to your next destination

Ability: Easy.
Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours
Location: The Guernsey Information Centre
Minimum of 4 AdultsAdults £25 / Children £10

Pre-booking is required.

Castle Cornet, Guernsey 

Castle Cornet is an 800 year-old large island castle in Guernsey, and former tidal island. Its importance was as a defence and it later became part of one of the breakwaters of St Peter Port's harbour, the main one in the island, in 1859.  

Castle Cornet is much bigger than it first appears. There are four museums and four period gardens you can enjoy after your guided tour, if you wish. Daily attractions include the firing of the noon-day gun by scarlet clad gunners and Living History performances after the gun firing. 

Ability: Easy (there are steps inside - you can take these easy).
Duration: 2 hours
Location: We meet at Trafalgar Travel, St Peter Port and walk there together. 

Minimum of 4 Adults for the guided tour - Adults £25 / Children £10 - plus Castle Entrance £10.50, Children 7+/Students £3, Children under 7 free

Pre-booking is required.

Panzers Over Petit Bot

A gentle ramble through the lanes of the oldest and most peaceful Canton of St Martins. Walking past beautiful old Guernsey farmhouses and cottages, who would have thought that within living memory, there were German tanks hidden in the valleys here?  

Ability: Easy (there is one hill that we walk up gently).
Duration: 1.5 hours
Location: We meet at The Trelade Hotel, St Martins. 
Minimum of 4 Adults - Adults £25 / Children £10 

Pre-booking is required 

The Wonders of L'Eree 

You will see a German bunker en route to Le Creux ès Faies, ancient Passage Tomb, and walk along part of a designated Ramsar site with wild flowers. You will also enjoy views of Lihou Island, the adjoining causeway and hear about fascinating local legends. 

Ability: Easy 
Duration: 1.5 hours
Location: We meet at L'Eree Bay (there is a bus stop) 
Minimum of 4 Adults - Adults £25 / Children £10 

Pre-booking is required 

The Mysterious Streets of St Peter Port 

You will hear about various spooky happenings in St Peter Port, including the haunting of a boy who starved to death, a Nazi soldier, various phantoms and beasts, battle ghosts and visit the place where witches were burned at the stake.

This is an evening walk. 

Ability: Easy (there is one hill that we walk up gently).
Duration: 1.5 hours
Location: We meet at the front entrance to Elizabeth College, The Grange, St Peter Port 
Minimum of 4 Adults - Adults £25 / Children £10 

Pre-booking is required 

3-4 Hour Tours

Tours on foot. (where transport is required, there will be an additional charge) 

"Walking in the Footsteps of Renoir and Victor Hugo" around Moulin Huet Bay

This stunning walk takes in Renoir’s stay in the Summer of 1883 and Victor Hugo’s frequent visits to Moulin Huet. We also see the actual cottage Renoir painted in his famous masterpiece and where Victor Hugo also picnicked, now privately owned by Korinne’s family.  

In season, we can stop at the Moulin Huet Tea Room.

Ability: Moderate.
Duration: 3 hours
Location: We meet at The Old Mill Triangle Bus Stop, St Martins. 
Minimum of 4 Adults - Adults £35 / Children £15 

Pre-booking is required 

Hidden Gems of Guernsey 

A captivating tour of Guernsey's hidden Gems at Cobo Bay, taking in the natural gemstones found around the island. You will also discover other kinds of hidden gems in this area.

There is a charming tearoom nearby if you would like to enjoy refreshments afterwards.  

Ability: Easy
Duration 1.5 hours
Location: Cobo Bay 
Minimum of 4 Adults - Adults £25 / Children £10 

Pre-booking is required 

Herm Highlights

Discover the highlights of Herm like you have never seen them before.

We explore the island on foot, stopping for refreshments along the way. 

Ability: Moderate.
Duration 4 hours
Location: We meet at Herm Ferry, Weighbridge, St Peter Port 
Minimum of 4 Adults - Adults £45 / Children £25 - Plus Travel Trident boat fare

Pre-booking is required 

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