Guernsey Boat Charter Access Challenger

Guernsey Boat Charters are Guernsey’s most celebrated premier boat charter and maritime service. Since 1992, the Access Challenger and Guernsey Boat Charters has been an invaluable service to Bailiwick locals and tourists alike. Guernsey Boat Charters specialise in offering a fast, reliable and bespoke inter-island transport, fast response service and hosting the best boat parties in the Channel Islands. No need to be restricted by timetables and schedules.

Your Skipper, Buz White is one of the most proclaimed skippers on Guernsey with over 40 years experience on the water so, you’re in the safest hands in the Bailiwick aboard The Access Challenger, a boat he hand built that has proudly hosted members of the Royal Family and international film crews.

The Access Challenger can hold up to 12 passengers and has many different services to offer, allowing you to appreciate the entire Bailiwick of Guernsey as well as French coastal towns and Jersey.

Island Hopping 
This four-hour Guernsey Island hopping tour will give you a brief insight into Bailiwick life. Step aboard on Guernsey, the largest in the Bailiwick as we sail around Herm, the 5th smallest habited island in Great Britain, through Sark a magical farm style Island, Brecqhou the mysterious private Barclay owned Island and past the islands of Jethou. Optional swim and Island visits can be arranged. 

Sail and Dine
This unique 2-hour Guernsey food tour will take you around the beautiful coastlines of Herm and Sark hearing stories of pirates, Guernsey folklore and our tempestuous history with an optional swim stop along the way. Our Sail and Dine experience combine Skipper Buz's two loves, the beautiful coastline of the Bailiwick and food. Your picnic hamper is filled with local favourites made by expert hands. While eating the best of Guernsey, enjoy spectacular views, the smell of the sea, and we guarantee you'll too be part of the growing army of Guernsey Foodies. 

Channel Island Surfari 
The Access Challenger will always connect people to the ocean but thanks to our new Surfari Tour we can now connect you with families of playful Guernsey animals and critters. Within moments yellow and grey Common Dolphins will chase the bow as we go looking for Grey Atlantic seals and over 150 different species of bird including Gannet and Guernsey Puffins! Be sure to bring along your binoculars! This two-hour Guernsey Surfari tour will take you along the coast of Herm, Sark and optional fishing or swimming stops can be arranged. “

Trips to Alderney from Guernsey 
The Island of Alderney is only 3 square miles, making it the ideal day trip from Guernsey. The local 1500 population are often known as Riduians or Lapins due to the number of rabbits found on across the parish of St Annes.  Alderney attracts many history buffs thanks to its WW2 history. The ‘Atlantic Wall’ and the Local Society Museum is a fantastic introduction to how the war changed the island and its people.
All trips to Alderney include an overnight stay trip. 

Prices start from as little as £24.24 per person.

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