Experiences 31 December 2021

Sustainable Activities on the Islands of Guernsey

Sustainability is at the heart of our Islands' plans for the future. And there are many things happening on the islands to learn about.

Islanders in Guernsey are working to protect our unique homelands to preserve them for future generations and visitors for years to come. Here are some sustainable practices taking place on the Islands’ that you can get involved in when you visit.

Beach Cleans

Beach cleans are organised by locals all over the Islands of Guernsey, both impromptu and regular, to help keep the beautiful shoreline free from litter. Whether you organise an event with a community group or simply head out yourself for a walk with a bag for collection, you can make a real difference. Many groups organise events on Facebook, if you would like to take part on your next trip to the islands.

Zero Waste Shopping

Plastic waste is something we can all work to reduce in our daily lives, particularly when we travel. The Guernsey Weigh in the Market Square of St Peter Port is Guernsey’s first zero waste shop, allowing locals to buy goods in refillable bags and jars. You can find rices, pastas, grains, cleaning and beauty products as well as tea and sweets. So far they estimate the shop has saved hundreds of plastic packaging items from polluting the environment. The Islands of Alderney and Sark have also introduced milk dispensing stations that allow locals to refill their glass bottles with fresh milk from the islands, eliminating hundreds of milk cartons from circulation.

Refill Stations

When you are exploring around Guernsey you can keep yourself hydrated by visiting one of the Refill Stations. Working to avoid excess plastic pollution, these stations provide free clean drinking water to refill your water bottle rather than buying new plastic bottles. You can find them at The Liberation Monument in town where boats for Herm depart, at King George V Cricket Ground on the west coast, the Millennium Walk at St Saviour's Reservoir and Cobo Bay. You will also find 63 retailers and businesses around the Island participating in the Refill scheme who will happily fill up your bottle for you - perfect for cooling down and keeping hydrated in warm weather. 

Find out more about the Refill Stations here. 

Local Produce and Hedge Veg

Local produce is fantastic, not only are you supporting others in your community, you are also helping to reduce food transportation miles. On the Islands of Guernsey you will find a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as meat, eggs and dairy products available in supermarkets and restaurants. Supporting local and eating seasonal food is an amazing way to be more sustainable and also can give you more nutrients, as the food will be fresher - a win for everyone!

Islanders are passionate supporters of local produce and there is no better example of this than with our many Hedge Veg stalls. Within the beautiful lanes of Guernsey you will find small stalls on the hedgerow where islanders sell their homegrown goods using an honesty box system. You will find homegrown produce like tomatoes, cucumbers and pumpkins in the autumn, and fresh eggs. You can also find cakes, preserves and breads all homemade. Sustainable packaging is also found on the hedge veg stalls, making it a super sustainable initiative. We hope you find something special!

Repair and Reuse

Repair groups and drop-in sessions in community hubs like the library and town centre are helping islanders to get more life out of their possessions. From electricals and furniture to clothing and toys, a culture of repair rather than throwing away is being fostered on the Islands. The focus of the sessions is to ‘transfer skills between generations’ and help create a more sustainable community. Feel free to pop along and join in!

Litter Picking

A basic but highly important job, The Clean Earth Trust in Guernsey encourages locals to pick up stray litter on their walks. They have provided litter pickers at the libraries and beach kiosks around the island. Some kiosks even offer a free ice cream if you collect a bucket full of rubbish - a great community incentive!

The Islands of Guernsey are working hard to protect our local environment, and we hope this provides you with inspiration for how to incorporate sustainable changes into your next visit.