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Celebrating Guernsey's Brilliant Produce

A stay in Guernsey is always a palatable experience – discover the ingredients that form an island break.

Fresh Seafood In Abundance

The waters surrounding the Bailiwick of Guernsey offer plentiful stocks of the tastiest fish and shellfish, meaning your seafood makes it from sea to plate in record time. Local restaurants take full advantage of this, with venues in St Peter Port and beyond offering a delicious selection of dishes sourced from the surrounding seas including fresh sea bass, scallops and oysters.

The Creamiest Dairy Products

The Guernsey breed of cow is famous worldwide for its superb milk, which is used to make some of the most delicious dairy products around. The local dairy churns out plenty of creamy milk for you to enjoy on your cereal or in your tea, and local producers offer a range of delicious cheeses and ice creams to feast on. Be sure to also try some local goats’ cheese from the Guernsey Golden breed, and keep an eye out for them in the island’s rural parishes!

Vibrant Vegetables And Fruits

Guernsey’s vegetable growing industry was central to island life for decades, and the island still produces delicious fresh fruits and vegetables in abundance. The easiest way to get your hands on some is by visiting a hedge veg stall, a charming miniature roadside shop where you simply leave your money in an honesty box. They are dotted all around Guernsey, and each offers a different selection of fresh produce for you to enjoy.

An Array Of Artisanal Foods

The island is also home to a number of fantastic producers of unique artisanal foods, from fruit-infused liqueurs to locally made jams and preserves. Perhaps the best way to experience this side of Guernsey’s food scene is to attend one of the island’s many markets, where you will also have the opportunity to taste some classic local dishes! Enjoy some bean jar, a hearty cassoulet-type dish, or a slice of gâche (pronounced “gosh”), a tasty fruit loaf best enjoyed with a spreading of Guernsey butter.

It’s fair to say that on the whole, Guernsey offers a delicious experience for any visitor, and will leave you wanting to come back for seconds. Begin planning your foodie break in Guernsey today!

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