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Clarence Battery

Constructed in 1780, Clarence Battery was built as one of the original outer defences of Fort George, Guernsey’s major military headquarters in the late 1780s. It was originally known as ‘Terres Point Battery’ but was renamed Clarence Battery in 1805 in honour of George III’s son.

The battery is well preserved, and consists of numerous defenses and thick walls, which would have given it ample protection when the area was under attack. The elevated position gives it a superb view across St Peter Port and Castle Cornet, along with the Castle Breakwater.

It was the island’s principal fort during the French Revolution and home of the German Luftwaffe early warning system during World War Two. The battery had a guard room, gun pivots, ammunition lockers, shell stories and artillery stores. Some of it still remains, though some alterations were made by the Germans during the occupation.

Perry's guide reference: Page 25, H3

Accessible using the following bus routes: Walking distance from Town Bus Terminus

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