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The Brock Brothers' Walk

Walk 18

2 Hour
75 m
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1) Boots

Brock's childhood home. Outside is a plaque declaring Brock the 'Saviour of Canada'

2) NatWest Bank

A bronze bust of Daniel de Lisle Brock is inset within the bank's facade

3) Creasey's Department Store

It is understood (although not proven), that this department store was Brock's birthplace, following the discovery of papers uncovered by the Creasey family a short time ago

4) Town Church

A church was first recorded on this site in 1048. It is recognised by The Guinness Book of Records as the tavern closest to a church in the British Isles' due to its close proximity to the Albion House Tavern.

5) Castle Cornet & Its Museums

Castle Cornet, Guernsey's ancient royal fortress, has stood guard over the town and harbour of St Peter Port for nearly eight centuries.

6) Guernsey Markets

Victor Hugo enjoyed visiting the market buildings and was impressed

7) Clifton

8) Elizabeth College

Designed by John Wilson, Daniel de Lisle Brock was instrumental in raising the funds required to build the main building as we now see it. Founded in 1563 under the orders of Queen Elizabeth I.

9) The Grange

Many of the striking houses along this road belonged at one time to relatives and descendants of the De Lisle Brock family.

10) Guernsey Museum at Candie

Guernsey Museum houses permanent exhibitions of Archaeology, folklore and treasure of Guernsey and an art gallery running alongside temporary exhibitions that change throughout the year.

Guernsey brothers Isaac and Daniel de Lisle Brock were pioneers of the 19th century. The family wealth came through trade.

Major-General Sir Isaac Brock was a British Army officer assigned to Canada and became known as ‘The Hero of Upper Canada’ when he led the country’s defence against the United States. Walk in the footsteps of the island’s famous forefathers and discover this prominent family’s influence on the Guernsey we see today.

Download the audio description with Island FM's Andrew Senneck providing the voice over.  The audio offers insightful information to make the walk even more enjoyable.  Alternatively, you can download the walk map.

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