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Secret Coves, Winding Path, renoir's Favourite Bay

Walk 3, Section 3

1.5 Hour
194 m
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1) Petit Port

Petit Port is certainly not a beach for the lazy - the only land access is down over 270 steep steps.

2) Moulin Huet Bay

Moulin Huet Bay is located in the depths of St. Martins, with shallow waters as turquoise as the Caribbean and breathtaking views of the cliffs.

3) The Dog & Lion Rocks

The area is home to interesting caves and rock formations, including the Dog and Lion rocks across the bay

4) Saints Bay

Saints Bay is a beautiful sandy cove with a pebble bank at the top of the beach, surrounded by sheltering cliffs.

This cliff-top walk affords glimpses of pretty coves and beautiful bays, once so admired by the artist Renoir that he completed a series of paintings of the area. Victor Hugo, too, was a great fan and often took the opportunity to picnic here with his friends. For the modern visitor, a café and its garden at Moulin Huet, once the site of a watermill, provide a welcome place to rest for refreshments.

This whole area is the largest continuous expanse of semi-natural vegetation on the Island, consisting mainly of maritime heath land and cliff-top grassland and these habitats support a rich array of vegetation. Caves strung out along the shoreline were sometimes used for storage and were reputedly the haunt of smugglers. At the end of this walk, the crystal clear waters of Saints Bay play host to a small fleet of local fishing boats

Download the audio description with Island FM's Andrew Senneck providing the voice over.  The audio offers insightful information to make the walk even more enjoyable.  Alternatively, you can download the walk map.

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