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Nature's Pool & Smuggler's Hideout

Walk 3, Section 6

2.5 Hour+
328 m
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1) Guernsey's Venus Pool

Just to the east of Le Havre de Bon Repos is the Venus Pool, a deep pool left when the tide goes out.

2) Le Creux Mahie

3) La Prevôté Tower

La Prevôté Tower, where a watchtower once stood in Napoleonic times to defend the Island against the French

4) Les Tielles

Les Tielles comes at the end of this stretch of the coastal walk and is a particularly beautiful part of the cliffs.

5) Mont Herault Watch House

The watch house is a fine example of late 17th and early 18th century construction

This section of the coastline is the most rugged terrain you will come across and, for that reason, these cliffs are very popular with more serious walkers. En route, you will discover the remains of fortifications, both ancient and more modern, and the largest cave in Guernsey. Known as Le Creux Mahié, it is 187 feet long and 60 feet wide. Thought to have been used by smugglers in the past, this cave was also believed to be an exit from fairyland and sailors reported seeing the fairies emerging and dancing on the cliffs above. Towards the end of the walk is Les Tielles and this is a particularly beautiful part of the cliffs. Fortunately for the walker, although the battery and watch house which once stood there are gone, the rock base for the guns remains and is an ideal spot from which to admire the view and perhaps enjoy a well-deserved picnic.

Download the audio description with Island FM's Andrew Senneck providing the voice over.  The audio offers insightful information to make the walk even more enjoyable.  Alternatively, you can download the walk map.

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