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Island Views, Stunning Scenery & Historical Interests

Walk 14

2.5 Hour+
136 m
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1) The Sark Visitor Centre

This building has served many purposes, though was built originally as a school for girls in the 1840s

2) Le Manoir

The original home of the first Seigneur of Sark Helier de Carteret

3) La Coupée

La Coupée is a natural isthmus, 100 years long and 260 feet high, joining Little and Big Sark

4) The Gouliot Headland

Sark's four hectare RAMSAR site was designated in April 2007

5) The Methodist Chapel

Commissioned in 1926, this Wesleyan Chapel is the oldest chapel in the Guernsey circuit

6) La Seigneurie Gardens, Sark

Set within the grounds of a 17th century manor, the garden is considered one of the finest in the Channel Islands

7) The Window in the Rock

The Window in the Rock was created in the side of the headland at Port du Moulin,

8) The Assembly Room

Sark is self-governing and self-financing; it is the smallest community with its own legislature under the Crown.

9) Sark Fire & Ambulance Station

Two serious fires in 1957 prompted the creation of the first Sark Fire Service

10) St Peter's Church

The Church was built in 1820 on what was once the site of a wooden tower housing the 'Island Bell' which now hangs at the assembly room

The Island of Sark has a fascinating history and stunning and dramatic scenery. A short fifty minute ferry ride takes you to Sark's cliff harbour where you will be transported by tractor to the top of Harbour Hill. Here you will find that the only modes of transport are horse and carriage or bicycle, with some tractors being used by working Sarkees. Sark is a walker's paradise with breathtaking cliff views and much to discover.

La Coupée, a 260 feet high natural isthmus, is a must see attraction on the island but is only one of the points of interest on this Tasty Walk. La Seigneurie, built in 1675, was originally the home of the Fief of Sark, and although the house if not open to the public, La Seigneurie Gardens should not be missed. Not far from here is The Window in the Rock giving spectacular views from Sark's west coast, looking back towards Guernsey and Herm Island. Be prepared, you will need a good head for heights! There is plenty of opportunity for refreshments during your visit, with pubs, hotels, restaurants and cafes spread across the island. With frequent boats to Sark from April to October, you can visit the Island for just a day, or you may want to stay a little longer.

For further information on the Island, please visit our Island Hopping page.

Download the audio description with Island FM's Andrew Senneck providing the voice over.  The audio offers insightful information to make the walk even more enjoyable.  Alternatively, you can download the walk map.

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