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Clifftop Paths, La Coupee & Little Sark - Sark

Walk 16

2.5 Hour+
203 m
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1) Harbour Hill

The top of Harbour Hill is the departure point for many of Sark's famous horse and carriage trips

2) La Jaspellerie

This quaint house featured in the 1986 mini-series Mr Pye

3) L'Etac

A conical shaped rock which plays host every year to a large colony of puffins

4) Views of Dixcart Bay

The woods leading to Dixcart bay are magical at springtime

5) La Coupée

La Coupée is a natural isthmus, 100 years long and 260 feet high, joining Little and Big Sark

6) La Sablonnerie Hotel

7) The Windmill of Little Sark

This ivy covered windmill stands on La Pipeterie tenement and was built around 1800.

8) Stocks Island Hotel

9) German War Tunnel

Another reminder of the German Occupation - the entrance to the beginning of the tunnel created by the Germans

10) Sark Heritage Museum

The Cider Press Barn forms part of the Heritage Museum run by the Société Sercquaise

11) Sark Post Office

Originally a 1930s artist studio, this building became the official Sark Post Office in 1961.

12) The Avenue

The Avenue is the main high street in Sark and offers a selection of eateries and bijou boutiques

This moderate walk features floral paths, mysterious tales of days gone by, Little Sark and the legacy of local legends

The walk will take around 2 and a half hours at a steady pace.

To help make the walk more enjoyable, download the walking map.

For further information on the Island, please visit our Island Hopping page.

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