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Art for Guernsey Renoir Walk

Art for Guernsey Renoir route

1 Hour
69 m

1) Baie du Moulin À Travers des Arbres

Here you can admire the view of the coast that Renoir first glimpsed before walking down the hill. With his colour palette of green, brown and blue, Renoir has captured the light beautifully.

2) Moulin Huet Tea Rooms

3) Enfants au bord de la mer

Renoir loved to paint people, which is reflected in this piece. He was surprised to see people bathing naked on the beach, but the well-dressed group on the right is thought to have been added by Renoir later, in his Paris studio.

4) Vue de Guernesey

The effect of the wind is shown in this painting, but you wouldn’t expect the wind to blow from the land towards the sea. This makes us wonder if the tree was really there or whether it was imagined by Renoir – what do you think?

5) La Côte de Moulin Huet

This view was painted before the Bon Port Hotel was built. You can clearly see that it was surrounded by very colourful fields, through the balanced colour palette Renoir used.

Renoir spent just over a month in Guernsey in 1883 and worked on 15 paintings during his stay, all depicting views of Moulin Huet. Art for Guernsey invites you to take the Renoir Walk, following in the artist’s footsteps and seeing the part of the island he most loved from his perspective.

Five specially crafted frames along the route will allow you to stand in the exact spots where Renoir worked on his paintings, so you can see Moulin Huet bay just as he did. Take a selfie or sketch your own masterpiece - we’d love to see the results: tag us with #AFGRenoir on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

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