A Wildlife Haven, a Witch's Haunt & a Tiny Chaple

Walk 4, Section 2

2.5 Hour+
54 m
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1) L'Eree Shingle Bank

The L'Eree Single Bank and La Claire Mare (opposite) are home to breeding sea birds

2) Colin Best Nature Reserve

Colin Best Nature Reserve is known locally as the 'aerodrome', as it was Guernsey's first airfield

3) Le Trepied Dolmen

Le Trepied Dolmen dates to around 1800 BC and was excavated in 1840

4) St Apolline's Chapel

St Apolline's Chapel was first recorded in 1392

5) Fort Richmond

Fort Richmond overlooks Perelle Bay

6) Vazon Bay

Whether you’re a surfer, kite flyer or bodyboarder, Vazon is the perfect beach for you.

7) Loop-Holed Tower number 12

Number 12 or 15 loop-holed towers built between August 1778 and March 1779

For those who love wildlife, this walk is a treat. We start with the Shingle Bank which hosts a wealth of flora and fauna. Across the road is the Colin Best Nature Reserve and La Claire Mare, a low-lying saline wetland. Beyond lies the headland known as Le Catioroc, home to Le Trépied dolmen, so-called because of its three capstones. In local folklore, this site was known for being the haunt of witches.

Inland is St Apolline's, a tiny chapel which sits by the side of the road. Returning to the coast, you will reach Vazon Bay, a magnificent stretch of sand. There is no shortage of beach kiosks and cafes along this route. The sandy beaches also offer the opportunity to spread out a blanket and enjoy a picnic.

Download the audio description with Island FM's Andrew Senneck providing the voice over.  The audio offers insightful information to make the walk even more enjoyable.  Alternatively, you can download the walk map.

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