Surrounded by dramatic cliffs, the coastline of Sark is rugged mixture of tiny bays and rock stacks littered with offshore reefs and half submerged pinnacles. The thirty foot tidal range makes for some exhilarating drift dives but, more importantly, this twice daily surge of seawater supports an incredibly vast selection of marine life. Jewel anemones feature heavily on most dives, carpeting the walls with their glowing colours in a truly unique sight.

If you’d like to enjoy a diving experience like no other, then Sark may be the ultimate location for you. Sark Diving Services is run by Andy Leaman, a commercially qualified diver who has over twenty years experience diving and navigating the waters around the Channel Islands. His ten meter hard boat, the Starfish, is well equipped with safety gear and has ample deck space for up to ten divers and plenty of dry places for clothes, cameras, food and the like. There’s even a stove on board for that essential post-dive cup of tea. Andy supplies tanks, weights and air as well as Nitrox.

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