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The only aquarium in the Channel Islands has recently been refurbished throughout to create a unique, authentic attraction and venue, with a new focus on local marine fish and life. Re-branded as The Aquarium is housed in tunnels used by the Germans during the Occupation years as a store.

‘As a location for an aquarium, it’s always been one of a kind. Now our local fish, marine life, the aquarium’s history and its quirkiness are being celebrated in a wonderfully imaginative way,’ said Ms Iversen.

‘There is an abundance of fascinating fish and marine life in local waters, which we want to showcase, so one of the big changes at The Aquarium is a shift to a 75% focus on local, 20% tropical marine, and 5% tropical freshwater fish.’

The Bass Tank has been fully restored and re-stocked. As a tribute to the occasion when a local person stole a bass from the old aquarium, the new owners have placed what they are calling sea-CTV cameras inside The Bass Tank and by the viewing windows, plus the two front cover Guernsey Press articles about the incident are hanging in picture frames next to it.

The Terrapin Tank has a large bomb shaped light above it, mines floating in the water, and a large spitfire plane suspended above it with Action Man military parachuters also hanging from the cave ceiling. Alongside the tank, housing locally rescued terrapins, is a mini World War 2 display.

The Wall Tank has large blonde and undulate rays, dogfish and John Dory – also all caught locally in nets or long lines that would have otherwise been eaten.

The interior design incorporates many local fishing and nautical accessories. All sourced locally, the lampshades are made from crab and lobster pots and the tanks have been dressed with nautical instruments and accessories. Industrial looking metal picture frames have been locally made for the new information boards which include vital statistics and interesting facts about everything in The Aquarium. Speakers have been installed throughout The Aquarium, which will play relaxing ambient ocean music.

Admission prices: Adults £5 and £4 for old aged pensioners. Children aged 4 to 16 £3, with children 3 and under free.

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