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Victor Hugo

Hugo cherished his time in Guernsey and the Island provided much inspiration for his fine works.

The acclaimed French author and poet spent 15 years on the Island while in exile from France. Declaring Guernsey “the rock of hospitality and freedom” in his dedication of Les Travailleurs de la Mer, many consider his time in the Bailiwick to be his most productive writing period.

In co-operation with La Manche Tourisme, the Victor Hugo St Peter Port trail is now available on the KIT-M app, available to download on both Apple and Android. Additionally, there is also a Victor Hugo route in the La Manche region of Normandy

Hauteville House

Hauteville House was Victor Hugo’s Island home in Guernsey. The only home the author owned, Hauteville House was loving decorated by Hugo and gives great insight into his daily life. Now cared for by the City of Paris, the house underwent renovations during 2018 and has now reopened.

BBC adaptation of les Misérables

A television adaptation of Victor Hugo’s epic novel Les Misérables is set to air on the BBC over the New Year.

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Victor Hugo's Garden

“A garden to walk in and immensity to dream in - what more could he ask? A few flowers at his feet and above him the stars.” Les Mis The beautiful gardens of Victor Hugo's exile home are well worth a stand alone visit and are free to enjoy without entering Hauteville House.

Victor Hugo’s Statue

Presented to Guernsey by France in recognition of the Island’s hospitality to the much loved author, Victor Hugo’s statue can be found in the beautiful surroundings of Candie Gardens. Depicted ‘mid-stride’ the statue commemorates one of Hugo’s favourite pastimes - exploring the island on foot.

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