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Voice-Vouaïe Exhibition

One hundred and five people have taken part in Voice-Vouaïe - a partnership project between Guernsey Museums and photographer Aaron Yeandle - and in association with Yan Marquis.  The project began in November 2018 with the aim to engage with a hundred people by 2020.  The bilingual title was chosen to reflect the subject matter of the project; 'vouaïe' translates as 'voice' in Guernsey's language. Guernesiais (JEHR-nehz-yay) is a variety of Norman French and a cousin of standard French.

The criteria for someone having taking part in the project is that they grew up in an environment where Guernesiais was spoken. Some participants still speak the language daily, others hardly at all and others are rediscovering - or 'remembering' - it.

The exhibition includes the portraits of all the participants alongside photographs of objects that are important to them.  There will be a listening station to hear some of the audio recordings. 

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