Wild West Sark

This is a brand new walk for the 2020 Walking Festivals!

Discover the wilder west side of Sark on a hike for the capable walker, including some of Sark's lesser known and seldom used cliff paths and beautiful bridleways from the harbour to the west coast, taking in iconic views, historic areas and some surprises along the way.

A discount of £5 will be applied if you also choose to take part in The WWII German Occupation of Sark.

Times: 11am - 6pm

Meeting Point: Maseline Harbour, Sark - please catch the 10.00am boat from Guernsey to Sark. Boats between Guernsey and Sark take approx 55 minutes. 

Approx length of walk: 6 miles 

£10 (does not include boat fare).

Ability: Hike

How do I book?

Simply email your Guide using the links provided on this page to reserve your spot. Some Guides have their own website, which will include more information.

Silver Accredited Guide Malcolm Cleal