Foraging in Herm

This is a brand new walk for the 2020 Walking Festivals!

Join horticulturalist Malcolm and Lauren from Herm Island's gardening team for a forage on land and seashore for both edible and useful items.

Includes instruction on preparing items for the table, herbal teas and a variety of other herbalism products sourced from Herm’s natural resources.

Timing: 11.00am (10.30 boat from Guernsey to Herm) - 3pm

Meeting Point:Crane at Herm Harbour - catch the 10.30am boat from Guernsey

Approx length of walk: 2 miles 

£15 (does not include boat fare).

Ability: Moderate

How do I book?

Simply email your Guide using the links provided on this page to reserve your spot. Some Guides have their own website, which will include more information.

Silver Accredited Guide Malcolm Cleal