A Paranormal Evening at the WWII Mirus Gun Battery

The main aim of this tour is to try to find any evidence of the paranormal as you walk around the large 1000m2 WWII German underground bunker in darkness attempting to communicate with any spirits that reside there with provided equipment. Those with an interest in the paranormal, German fortifications, and those with any previous experience of paranormal investigations are welcome.

Meet at La Hougette School 

Timings: 8:30pm (30 May) - 12:30am (31 May)

Price: £10

Length of walk: 0.5 miles

Ability: Easy

How do I book?

Simply email your Guide using the links provided on this page to reserve your spot. Some Guides have their own website, which will include more information.

Silver Accredited Guide Tim Osborne

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