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En Plein Air Painting Competition

Come and Join Sarnia Arts & Crafts Club for a day of En Plein Air Painting in the beautiful Vauxbelets Valley. 
Anyone over the age of 16 of any artistic ability may enter and there are great cash prizes to be won.  Bring whatever media you plan to paint on (paper, canvas, board etc) to the registration desk at Martyn Guille Silversmiths by the Little Chapel at 9.30am on Saturday 19th June to have it stamped and pay the entry fee of £5 per item of media (£3 for SA&CC members) and you then have all day to paint or craft your entry from any location within the designated painting area.  Following the judging Martyn Guille will be hosting an exhibition of all the entries in his shop from Monday 21st June - Wednesday 23rd June at which the public will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite.
Lots more information on the Sarnia Art & Crafts Club Facebook page or by emailing us.

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