Liberated by Force 135 Book Launch

May 2020 marks the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Channel Islands from five long years of German Occupation, July 1940 – May 1945. Fortunately for Force 135 of the British Liberation Army and the islanders, in 1945 there was no opposition from the 26,000 strong German garrison.

This new edition describes the planning of Operation ‘Nestegg’, the training and objectives of Force 135, and the reoccupation, reorganisation and rehabilitation of the Channel Islands between September 1943 and 31 August 1945. The first edition (2000) focused on September 1943 to 30 May 1945 and was described as the ‘definitive history of the Liberation of the Channel Islands’. This second edition supersedes the first as a revised and expanded definitive history.

Author Mark Lamerton has, over the years, met a plethora of Force 135 veterans, their relatives, and those who experienced 9 May 1945 first hand. Other historians, military enthusiasts, students and inquisitive visitors have also been invaluable to his research. This work has been twenty-six years in the making.

Liberated by Force 135, Special Commemorative Edition Book Launch and Signing on Saturday 18th April, 11am to 12pm at the German Occupation Museum

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