Wear a Guernsey Day!

Following the success of the 2019 ‘Wear a ‘guernsey’ day’ to celebrate the traditional ‘guernsey’ jumper and raise funds for the St Peter Port Lifeboat, this unique event will be returning in autumn 2020.

A ‘guernsey’ is a knitted jumper that has been traditionally made in Guernsey since the early 1800s. It was originally worn by fishermen due to its resilience and has since become an important item of clothing that many people from all across the world are proud to own. Fishermen’s wives would knit jumpers for their families and the skill has been passed on through generations, so these garments hold a special place in the hearts of islanders.

Today, the jumpers are world-renowned, and are particularly popular in the USA and Japan. They are still in production thanks to the efforts of two on-island businesses: Guernsey Woollens and Le Tricoteur.

As part of Heritage75, ‘Wear a guernsey day’ will take place at the Guernsey Information Centre on Friday 9th October between 10am - 3pm, and there will be a competition to find out who is wearing the oldest guernsey!

Be sure to follow the St Peter Port Lifeboat on Facebook and Instagram for updates and more information nearer the time.

And during the whole of October 2020, if you visit the Guernsey Tapestry Gallery wearing your guernsey, you will receive 50% off your entrance fee.

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