Victor Hugo in Guernsey 2020

The Victor Hugo in Guernsey Society celebrates and promotes the deep link between Guernsey and Victor Hugo, poet, playwright and humanitarian, the writer of ‘Les Misérables’ and a cultural and historical icon for the Islands of Guernsey, and for the world.

The Society organises talks and conferences, provides advice to locals and visitors, and produces educational resources and other publications in English and French.

Every year in June they organise a Victor Hugo weekend, with lectures by eminent academics and performances of plays and music and other entertainments on the chosen theme of that year.

In 2019 the Society celebrated the 150th anniversary of The Man who Laughs (L’Homme qui rit), a novel written by Hugo in Guernsey and published in 1869, and welcomed Claude-Michel Schoenberg, composer of the Les Misérables musical.

In 2020 their theme will be ‘Victor Hugo and Childhood (Victor Hugo et l’enfance).’ The atmosphere of these weekends is informal and friendly, and provides ample opportunity to meet and talk with some of the world’s greatest experts on Victor Hugo, often over a good meal!

It’s set to be an unmissable weekend with exhibitions, guided tours, dinners, performances, international speakers, visits to Hauteville House - Hugo’s former home - and seminars in English and French with simultaneous translation.

More information and tickets will be available in early 2020 on the Society’s website, so be sure to click the link on the right to check for updates.

Subject to confirmation, Victor Hugo in Guernsey Society reserve the right to cancel or change the programme at anytime.