Vazon’s German Defences

Vazon Bay is a popular beach located on the north western coast of Guernsey. It’s great for surfing and is enjoyed by water sport enthusiasts and families alike.

Silver Accredited Tour Guide Andy Walker will guide you along the beach returning by the coastal path looking at the German defences of the bay with bunkers, anti-tank walls, Tobruk pits (machine gun emplacements) and more.

There is an abundance of fascinating history surrounding this beautiful bay so don’t miss the opportunity to delve into some coastal heritage!

£8 per person / 10am - 12:15am

Meet at the lower carpark at Fort Hommet, Castel; just a short walk from Vistas Beach Cafe (Perry's Ref: Page 14 B1, buses 42 & 91)

Email Andrew Walker to book


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