The Bella’s Gin Garden Party

The Bella Luce Hotel in the country parish of St Martin’s in Guernsey is home to a copper small-batch distillery which produces ‘Wheadon’s Gin’ – a beloved local gin brand. The Wheadon family have an interesting history of their very own as the producers and distributers of fine alcohol in Guernsey for over 100 years and, of course, the owners of this boutique establishment dedicated to all things that are Guernsey grown.

Did you know that in 1941, the hotel was actually confiscated by military invaders during the German occupation of the Channel Islands? It became a hub for telecommunications operations thanks to its ideal size and location. The Bella Luce has many stories to tell, one of which involves a tipple or two!

As a nod to the Bella’s own history and as a celebration of 75 years since Guernsey was liberated on 9th May 1945, a special Gin Garden Party will be held in the Bella’s beautiful gardens with swing and jazz music along with period gin cocktails inspired by the 40s.

More details (including timings and ticket prices) will follow. Interested? This event is expected to sell out quickly so get in touch with the Bella Luce Hotel to put your name down in advance!

To be the first in line for tickets, you can sign up here

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