Special opening: resistance Nest Schönbucht-Mitte

Situated on the east coast in between St Peter Port and St Sampson lies Belle Greve Bay, and defending it, a resistance nest the Germans named Wn. Schonbucht Mitte. It included a type 676 Pak casemate for a Czech 4.7 anti‐tank gun.

This site is not normally accessible to the public so this is a rare opportunity to step inside a key part of Guernsey’s wartime history.

Visit this well preserved anti-tank gun bunker and learn about the defences of Belle Greve Bay through talks given to visiting groups, organised by Festung Guernsey.

Festung Guernsey’s aim is to make available to the public examples of the most important fortifications built in Guernsey by the German occupying forces during WWII between 1940 and 1945.

Donations towards Festung Guernsey’s work will be gratefully received.

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