Alderney’s Bunker Day

A special event as part of The European Bunker Day (an open door day at the Atlantic Wall bunker sites along the Western European coast) taking place at the Nunnery Heritage Site in Alderney.

'The Nunnery' is the best preserved Roman small fort in Britain and is the first evidence of military construction on the island. Its aim was to defend the anchorage and natural harbour at Longis Bay, and the nearby Roman settlement. The site epitomises the way fortifications have been adapted and reused over the years. Ongoing archaeological research brings every year more evidence the importance of this historical building.

During WWII the Alderney population was evacuated to the UK and did not begin to return until late 1945. Whilst they were away, German occupying forces constructed an uncountable number of bunkers and defences structures against invasion using forced labour.

This day is to commemorate and preserve this heritage which forms part of the Atlantic Wall, a 6,200 kilometre long defence line along the Western European coast.

Youngsters and adults alike are invited on a drop in basis to this annual event to learn about fascinating but sometimes forgotten heritage. Local experts from The Alderney Society will be on site to share their knowledge and stories with you.


The site will be open from 10am to 12pm and refreshments will be available.

Visit the website to discover more about Alderney’s WWII heritage

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