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Guernsey Together

Saturday 1st - Sunday 16th May

Welcome to the 2021 Heritage Festival!

This year events will now take place from Sat 1 May to Sun 16 May focusing on our amazing GuernseyTogether spirit.

Right now, we are living through a period of time like no other. So, while the Heritage Festival gives us an opportunity to remember and honour our Island’s rich and amazing history, we also recognise that this time, right now, will be remembered as significant for generations to come.

COVID-19 has proved to the rest of the world what we already knew. That Guernsey has one of the strongest, proudest communities anywhere and it is this spirit that has seen us through the most challenging of modern times. But this stoic attitude is nothing new. It’s in our blood. One of our most enduring periods of our history, the German Occupation of WW2, is still in living memory.

GuernseyTogether has been a visual tour de force, with rainbows in every window representing our solidarity. But it’s so much more.

It’s time to celebrate not just our amazing Island, but our amazing community, and those who makes it what it is.

Most importantly, it’s time well spent with those we love.

You can find all the events below.

The Events