Guernsey Retro Festival

The Guernsey Retro Festival is a three-day event taking inspiration from the 1950s and 1960s, featuring classic motorcycles, cars, music and fashion from the era. With a variety of entertainment and a local food festival, it is hoped the event will attract all age groups, as well as visitors, while also raising money for local charities.

‘The Guernsey Retro Festival will enable us to showcase nostalgia at its finest and that is what we do best. The weekend will be a celebration of the end of austerity with dancing, motorcycles, cars, music and dressing up – it was a real golden period of our heritage and we are looking forward to bringing that back to life.’

The festival will feature performances from local groups and the organisers are looking for local dancers to help with teaching the Lindy Hop and have plans for flash-mob-style dancing throughout the weekend, which both locals and tourists are welcome to participate in.

More details to follow...